Many of today’s Americans are looking into DIY personal security for their homes and for their families. The United States of America, after all, has been founded on ideals of rights to life and property. Americans believe that they deserve the chance to build a life for themselves without fear of any despot or enemy taking it away on a whim. That’s really what home security systems were designed to protect—the freedom to live and love and work and build in safety and with peace of mind.

Typing alarm code 187979771In a society that has seen sharp increases in crime statistics for the last fifty years, the American Dream has sadly begun to necessitate the presence of alarm systems and other home security measures. Total property crime rates in the United States are nearly double what they were in 1960, and most Americans simply cannot afford to be burglarized or robbed in these times of economic recession and widespread financial insecurity. Even for those who could afford to take the hit of a burglary financially, the emotional impact of realizing that one’s house has been violated and their property stolen is enough to shatter the peace of mind of any sensible person. Furthermore, families should never have to sleep in fear of being threatened or—heaven forbid—of coming to bodily harm on some robber’s selfish whim. No, the peace of mind inherent in the American Dream now requires some measures that may not have been quite as necessary fifty years ago.

Steps to Take

So how does one protect a home from unlawful intrusion or any other crime? Well, there are a number of preventative steps that homeowners can take on their own to attempt to fortify a house against intruders. Doors and windows, naturally, should be locked at nighttime and whenever there is a risk of break-in. Such potential ports of entry can be reinforced with extra locks and deadbolts and sliding doors can be stoppered with a long pole. Leaving lights on indoors is traditionally a deterrent to criminals who would rather keep to the dark; much more effective are outdoor lights with passive infrared receivers (PIRs) that automatically turn on when someone approaches the house. Finally, there are some types of alarms that you can install yourself to scare off anyone who attempts a break-in and notify you that you need to call the police and get to a safe place iHouse Night 179061993n the house.

However, windows and doors—even ones outfitted with a deadbolt—can be broken and used to enter a home. More and more break-ins occur during the daylight hours, negating the deterrent effects of PIR-outfitted lights. Skilled burglars can easily bypass some types of self-installed alarms. This is why many people have turned to professionally installed and monitored home security systems. Professionally monitored surveillance systems make it easy to have peace of mind no matter where you are. Well-trained professionals appraise your home for weak points (or points of entry for burglars and the like) and install point-by-point high grade security measures to prevent such entry and/or to send notice of break-ins to highly trained staff who are always on call to get the authorities to you in case of an emergency. For more information about home alarm systems, call 866-565-4305 to talk with a professional.