Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804Many a proud parent has thought deeply about what lengths they would go to in order to protect their children, but many have not considered basic preventative steps like installing a DIY wired home security system. For most parents, it is likely that they would do almost anything to rescue a child in danger. If that’s you, consider: there is something you can start doing right away to help your children to live out of danger in the first place. As the old adage goes, prevention is the best cure. DIY wired home security systems are easier than they sound and can help to prevent potential dangers to you and your family.

Some Facts

Remember, home security systems serve a number of purposes. Not least among these is the detection of potentially lethal carbon monoxide in the home. An invisible, lethal gas without taste or smell, it is responsible for some 200 domestic deaths each year. Another element of home security is detecting smoke that could signal a fire in the home. According to the United States Fire Administration, over 3,400 people die in fires every year in the United States. That’s several people every day. What’s more, according to the same source, somewhere around 17,500 more U.S. citizens are injured in fires yearly. med235045What’s saddest about these statistics is that many of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented. Installing a fire or carbon monoxide alarm is surprisingly simple and very affordable. When it comes to ensuring the mortal safety of family, what isn’t affordable? No matter how simple the sensors, they can help to save your life and that of your family in case of a disaster.

Sensors and Detectors

Fire and carbon monoxide detectors can be as easy as something that you plug into an outlet or as complicated as something that you wire through the ceiling—it’s up to you what kind of sensors you choose to install. One issue with extensive wiring tends to be the amount of work required to do it. Many homes are required to come pre-installed with fire alarms, but few come pre-installed with carbon monoxide alarms, so it’s important to check. Combination Smoke and CO Alarm 147083364Another, more serious issue with these detectors, though, is that they are at times faulty and thus require constant maintenance in order to remain reliable. Most sources recommend testing fire alarms once a week, while some maintain that once a month is acceptable. Either way, this is a very constant maintenance and a testament to the somewhat unreliable nature of these detectors.

One way to gain a greater sense of security with respect to fire and carbon monoxide protection is to enlist the help of a professional monitoring service. They have professionals who will appraise your home for optimal placement of fire and carbon monoxide detectors and install them. The most important benefit of such a service is that trained professionals monitor your alarms at all times, so you don’t have to. If an alarm goes off and you aren’t home or for some reason don’t hear it, they will call you and alert the authorities if you are unreachable. The timeliness of their response could save your house, or, more importantly, the life of one of your loved ones living in the house.

DIY wired home security systems are doable and will help to protect you from many dangers. But working with a professional service is always more effective.