DIY home automation is becoming a big hit in the United States of America. Why is that? We live in the land of opportunity, built on good honest labor and a free market economy; notwithstanding, we are not immune to the draw of luxury.Remote home control 178895291 One of the easiest ways to get some space-age luxury from your good honest labor is to install some DIY home automation. America is also the land of ingenuity, you know.

The idea of home automation is similar to what you’ve seen in a lot of futuristic films and TV shows. Lights turn on without flipping a switch, the temperature and humidity are kept at an optimal level by a computer, and your voice can command many of your appliances and get things ready to go before you use them… Well America, the future is here, if you hadn’t noticed. Such “home automation” technology and software is readily available all over the market, and the influx of such technology makes the market perfect for DIY enthusiasts and practical do-it-yourselfers alike.

List of Systems To Integrate

There is a broad spectrum of technologies to automate various parts and aspects of your home. To list just a few:

  • There are now DIY-compatible thermostats that can monitor the temperature in your home over days and weeks and “learn” to automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. Devices exist that detect when you walk in the door and bring the temperature up or down to make you comfortable while saving money when you’re out. Even fancier technologies exist that will connect to your smartphone—with the click of a button, you can let the thermostat know that you are leaving work so that everything is nice and cozy by the time you get home.
  • You can now purchase a robot that will clean the floors for you—no, really—without any more micromanagement than pressing an on switch and giggling blissfully as you walk away. They are small, less obtrusive devices than the Jetsons’ robot maid, and they certainly bite into your wallet much less.
  • 459838_35454449If you ever thought it would be nice if your doors just recognized you and opened themselves happily to let you in while denying entrance to all others, welcome to the day your dream can come true. Remote-controlled doors are not difficult to install or overly expensive. If you don’t like the idea of carrying around a remote, you can use your smartphone for the remote. Enter a key code as you walk toward the door and watch as the gates swing wide open to your personal high-tech fortress.
  • Do you have pets you love, but work most of the day and hate to commute all the way every lunch break just to feed them? You deserve to eat lunch too. So get an automated food dispenser for all your little furry friends—it can be set on a clock or connected to your smartphone to dispense just the right amount of grub when your little guys start getting hungry.

There are many more home automation tools available in all sorts of levels of quality and function. In all of your home automation endeavors, realize that home automation en masse will be more affordable and of higher quality if you use a professional home automation service. They bundle packages together that will help you get the dream automated home without individually researching, paying for, and installing every piece of equipment.