All homeowners ought to think seriously about equipping their houses with DIY home surveillance. DIY aficionados know that there are always ways to improve your quality of life with tools and materials available to just about anyone. The same holds true when it comes to home security.

The FBI brought out some staggering facts about several crimes in 2010. Not the least scary of them was that over two millions home burglaries occurred in that year. Full-length of burglar entering into house 452416383Think of how it would feel to come home to a shattered window. As you walk into the house, you see that someone has perused your home like a market and pilfered several items. You call the police, but you’re not even sure of everything that has been stolen, much less who stole it. Your sense of security would be shattered just like the window. You would wonder every time you left the house after that if anything was safe. You would lie awake at night having half-formed, waking nightmares about what could happen to your children in the room down the hall if you weren’t home when a break-in occurred.

This is America, people. We don’t deserve to lie awake at night fearing cowardly, selfish criminals any more than anyone; what’s more, we won’t lie down and stand for it. So if you’re with us and want to stand up and bellow back at gutless intruders, listen to these home security tips.

Set Up Surveillance

There are DIY home surveillance systems that could drastically decrease the chance of your home being broken into and radically increase your peace of mind while away. Such systems typically must include a security camera (surveillance means monitoring, and usually requires a camera). Visible security cameras are a well-proven, if not infallible, deterrent to common criminals. cameras-157034738The typical spineless burglar is looking for the easy targets, for the house where no one is ever home and there is no evidence of a surveillance system of any sort that might be used to catch and identify him. The sight of a security camera is enough to send a lot of criminals running home, even if it is a faux camera with no internal components. Should you install a closed-circuit camera that works, it would give you the serenity of knowing that if a burglar broke in while you were at work, the chances of the police catching the housebreaker and getting your stuff back would be far increased.

Consider Professional Monitoring

However, DIY home surveillance does have a limit. There is a more dangerous, more serious class of criminal that isn’t so easily deterred just by the sight of a camera. Career criminals know what they’re doing and can circumvent a lot of DIY measures fairly easily. A typical break-in from such a bad guy takes no more than a minute, and even having video of his face won’t help if he’s wearing a mask like burglars are wont to do. Such housebreakers might be a great deal more dangerous if they decide to make their move while someone is home… to protect against such evil scum, it is more practical to invest in a professional home surveillance system and service. Professional security systems have much more comprehensive coverage and more extensive countermeasures than any DIY system ever could. An extensively trained 24-hr staff is at the ready to alert you and/or the authorities of any security breaches whether you are at home or abroad, awake or asleep. There are industry-proven ways they can protect your house without in any way invading your personal privacy or that of your family. Many such services are very affordable. So for the greatest peace and protection, protect your home and family not only with DIY measures but by investing in an expert home protection service.